Doula Services

As your doula, I am here to provide continuous support to you and your chosen birth partners through your pregnancy, birth, and into the immediate post-natal period. My role is to listen to you and your partner, help to create your desired birthing environment and protect that, and work to give you the space to birth how you choose. I work alongside your chosen midwives and healthcare professionals, remaining warm, welcoming, and professional whilst advocating for you throughout, doing my best to ensure your choices are fully informed and respected.

All this is offered without judgment, but instead with practical and emotional support that is flexible, responsive, and personal.

Image used with permission from L. Dunhill Image taken by L. Toomer

I aim to create the opportunities for you to empower yourself. I will be mindful and present, answering your needs as they arise so you are free to birth.


I am a Recognised DoulaUK birth doula. This means that I have completed their comprehensive Recognition process, working with a mentor. You can see my DoulaUK profile HERE. I am also the DoulaUK rep for Yorkshire and the North Coast, and the first port of call for our new local doulas.

I’m also a multi award-winning doula! I won an award from ‘York Women Mean Business’ in December 2017 for my passion and dedication to my doula service. Not only that, I won an award last month in the category of ‘Personal Service Provider’ for the WMB local entrepreneur’s group awards December 2019!

I have served at a wide range of births, adding to my experience and knowledge base each time, including home and hospital births, VBACs, supporting GBS+, eclampsia, vaginal birth, induction, PPROM, BBA, c-section (under local and general anaesthetic), and two amazing preemie babies. 

I have completed my comprehensive ‘Red Tent’ doula training, a course recognised by DoulaUK. As well as this, I have completed an ABM (Association of Breastfeeding Mothers) ‘Introduction to Breastfeeding’ peer supporter course. I have also attended the DoulaUK conference in 2017.

I am an admin for a local home birth support group, run our birth pool loan scheme, and am continually reading to update my knowledge and be able to bring that to you.

I am also a parent of three, with a range of different personal birth and breastfeeding experiences. I have an avid interest in, and am a passionate advocate for empowered, informed birthing.


Image used with permission from J. Holmes and K. Abel


I am delighted to serve as a doula for birthing people from the LGBTQIA+ and Queer community, including non-binary clients, trans masculine clients, and poly families.

An initial meeting and interview with me is completely free, and absolutely necessary for us to ascertain if we are a good fit. It’s important to me that you have people you connect with and trust in your birthing space. I will always recommend meeting with several doulas to ensure you get the perfect fit for you. Whether that ends up being me, or someone else, I hope you find the perfect doula for you and wish you a wonderful pregnancy and birth.


My standard doula package is £650, and includes the following;

  •  2 visits during your pregnancy (not including our initial meeting and interview). These include discussing any previous birth experiences you may have, creating a list of your birth preferences, pain management preferences, birth location and preparation, and strengthening that bond and trust between us. It also includes signposting to relevant information so that you can always make an informed choice. If you are choosing a home birth, I am also happy to attend (if possible) your home birth assessment meeting with the midwives.
  • available for support in several mediums throughout your pregnancy, including Skype, phonecall, text, and online chat, to discuss any worries or concerns you may have.
  • on call and available to you from 38 weeks until your baby is born
  • I also send positive birthing videos, positive affirmations, and photography inspiration to you on a daily basis, if you would like that, from 38 weeks until you birth.
  • A set of birth affirmations, designed by me.
  • you are able to borrow pregnancy and birth books from my extensive lending library
  • use of my birth pool and water/air pumps
  • use of one of my TENS machines
  • 2 post-natal visits, one within the first week (complete with nutritious snacks taking into account your dietary requirements), and then one 2-4 weeks after the birth.
  • use of one of my WildCopperMoon ring slings for 2 months after the birth.
    I can facilitate a mother blessing event for you as well.

My previous clients are very happy to be contacted for personal references.


Image used with permission from J. and M. Kinton