These testimonials are from just a handful of my former clients and birth photographers that I have worked with in my service as a doula.

“Emi was the perfect person to have by my side (in addition to my husband of course!) as I gave birth. She was the calmest cheerleader you could imagine. Our birth threw us a couple curveballs but having her there as someone who knows and understands birth (and even better: a friend) to talk through those unexpected changes helped us to feel good about it beforehand.
   When she arrived, she was our advocate, my birth partner while my husband took notes as to what was happening (she even sacrificed her own hand as I squeezed a bit too hard apparently!), and our voice of reason. She came prepared with snacks to keep my energy up, though I didn’t appreciate that until afterwards when I was absolutely ravenous and all that was offered on the ward was toast Then as quietly as she joined us, she left us after taking some much treasured photos of us as a brand new family of three and a small cuddle of our tiny human.
   Her passion for birth is truly palpable. Let’s just put it this way: I don’t know yet when we’ll have our next one, but I already know she’ll attend with us!”

 “We count ourselves really lucky to have had Emi as our doula. She provided us with knowledgeable and experienced support in preparing for our homebirth and in the event was calm, practical, intuitive, and creative. She felt like one of the family on this really special occasion as we welcomed our daughter into the world. She is dedicated and caring and we would not hesitate to recommend her!”


Paige D.
   “Dearest Badass Motherfucking Goddess Emi, I don’t know if any word or deed could really show you how thankful I am that you came into my life. You went above and beyond being a doula and I felt you so strongly giving me strength to bring my baby into the world. I am forever grateful you are now in my story. In my family’s story. You are truly a wonderful badass motherfucking Goddess!”


“Emi’s support was unwavering and I’ve no doubt that it contributed hugely to me feeling informed and empowered as I went into labour. She spent so long providing invaluable emotional support during a very stressful time. She was amazing! Her encouragement during labour was exactly what I needed; reassuring, comforting, and empowering. She knew exactly what I needed and when.
   We genuinely can’t thank her enough for the support, compassion, and kindness she has shown us. She was happy to support us in having the birth we wanted, and she tailored her support to our (ever changing!) needs. She has such a positive outlook on life and is a very compassionate and empathetic person and is perfectly suited to being a doula.
   We knew having a doula would be great, but Emi went so far above and beyond and was the perfect fit for our family. Thank you so much, Emi!”


   “Emi made me feel as though I mattered and that what I thought was important too. Having someone there who is on your side and knows your wishes and understands the process of birth is reassuring and allows you to focus on the moment. Emi listened and provided assistance where necessary and this made all the difference.
   You were amazing support for the three of us. I remember being so at ease during the birth despite how traumatic the first birth had been, and that was knowing we had you there to guide us.”


Laura (birth photographer)
“Emi was amazing to work with, professional, supportive and kind to everyone in the room. Emi was incredibly mindful of my role as birth photographer and worked with me to get the best photographs for our client whilst always putting their needs first. She is so easy to work with and brings out the best in everyone. I love sharing a birth space with her.”


   “Having a doula just made everything so much easier, it helped me feel more confident. Emi was an excellent doula who was very supportive. She never tried to take over or tell me what to do, she just encouraged me to trust my instincts.”


   “Having a doula was a massive support, not only to my wife but to me as well. It gave us someone to discuss things with alongside each other and helped with the management of the whole home birth process. I would definitely recommend Emi to other prospective parents and would certainly advocate having a doula to other ‘dad to be’s’!”


   “Emi gave continuous support with my confidence of my capacity for both a homebirth and transitioning into being a parent.
   She was caling and kind, and gave me physical comfort when I needed it and also space to be in my head. She read my mood perfectly, and when my labour turned into an emergency procedure, Emi understood that I needed to know that I was still in control, and that I did what I could. She assured me I was strong when I most needed to hear it.
   Emi has the wonderful ability of showing she understands me without me needing to say it. She continued to reassure me how strong I had been during my labour. She is friendly and easy-going with positive energy. She was able to answer every question we had about pregnancy and birth and was able to direct us for our own further research. Not only did Emi know when I needed space during labour, she could also see when I needed reassurance, and for my partner too. She was always aware of the mood in the room, even before I had a chance to pick up on changes. She helped to continuously remind midwives and nurses of my birth plan and wishes.”


   Emi, from day one, asked me questions and helped me with my experience. It was inclusive, we were a team. During labour she took time to support me as well as my partner, and pointed out to me when and how I needed to support my partner when things became harder.”


   “Throughout labour, she was unobtrusive but knew instinctively when we needed support. I feel like Emi exceeded out expectations. To have impartial support thoughout pregnancy and birth was priceless and empowered us to feel positive and excited about the birth.”


   “After my partner having emergency surgery, Emi stuck with me for the next 5 hours in hospital, making sure I was hydrated, fed and looking after myself. Without her support I probably would have folded in the hospital, she reminded me I needed to look after myself so I could look after my partner and baby. She kept a calm head where I could not.”